14 Mei 2007



This first issue of 2007 covers a refreshing spectrum of legal disciplines ranging from cultural and linguistic issues, to the onus of proof in delict, the censorship debate and research methodology.

  • Professor Elmene Bray of the University of South Africa analyses the complexities of the recent judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal in a case involving the sensitive issue of the medium of instruction in public schools in South Africa.

  • Dr Tanya du Plessis of the University of Johannesburg expertly discusses the opportunities of researchers in law, especially regarding matters involving the Constitution, which the digital age has created.

  • Ms Lise Mills of the University of Stellenbosch contributes to the debate concerning the proposed amendments to legislation concerning state involvement in media regulation, with special reference to the protection of the interests of children.

  • Professor Linda Schoeman-Malan's article deals with the difficulties that have arisen in the South African constitutional state concerning a balance between the supreme Constitution and customary law relating to intestate succession.

  • Professor Loma Steynberg of the University of South Africa deals with the abstract, though topical question of dealing with contingencies in the law of delict, especially regarding the evidentiary difficulties that must be solved in concrete cases.

Editor: Professor Francois Venter / Edition editor: Professor C Rautenbach

Recent Submissions

  • Gebeurlikhede en die bewyslas in die deliktuele skadevergoedingsreg 

    Steynberg, L (2007)
    Contingencies can be described as uncertain circumstances of a positive or negative nature which, independent of the defendant’s conduct and if they should realise, would probably influence a person’s health, income, ...
  • Recent developments regarding South African common and customary law of succession 

    Schoeman-Malan, M C (2006)
    This article will concentrate on the development in the common law of succession and administration of estates versus the customary law of succession and inheritance as well as the winding up of estates pursuant ...
  • Stop the press: why censorship has made headline news (again) 

    Mills, L (2006)
    The recent publication of proposed amendments to the Films and Publications Act 65 of 1996 drew some sharp criticism from the media. Some organisations described these amendments as, inter alia, unconstitutional, outrageous ...
  • Legal research in a changing information environment 

    Du Plessis, T (2007)
    Since the advent of the latest constitutional dispensation in South Africa, legal researchers have been presented with new opportunities for research into constitutional issues, development and the relationship between ...
  • Macro issues of mikro primary school 

    Bray, E (2007)
    Mikro Primary School is an Afrikaans medium public school whose governing body refused to accede to an order of the Western Cape Department of Education to change the language policy of the school so as to convert it ...