Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (PELJ)

Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad (PER)

ISSN 1727-3781 (online)

Website: http://journals.assaf.org.za/per/index

Focus and Scope

PELJ/PER publishes contributions relevant to development in the South African constitutional state. This means that most contributions will concern some aspect of constitutionalism or legal development. The fact that the South African constitutional state is the focus, does not limit the content of PELJ/PER to the South African legal system, since development law and constitutionalism are excellent themes for comparative work. Contributions on any aspect or discipline of the law are welcomed, as long as the main themes are addressed.

Editorial policy

The scholarly rigour and the contribution that a manuscript makes to the development of legal scholarship serve as primary criteria for acceptance for publication. Contributions submitted are reviewed in two steps.

Step 1 is an internal evaluation where the editorial team ensures that:

  • the contribution falls within the focus and scope of PELJ/PER;
  • the quality and clarity of the language is good;
  • the guidelines and referencing style have been complied with; and
  • the contribution is on the face of it of an adequate level of scholarly quality.

Step 2 is an external evaluation where contributions accepted for review are subjected to anonymous blind reviews by at least two reviewers who will be selected according to availability and subject matter of the contribution.

Both international and national reviewers are invited to participate in the peer review of manuscripts submitted for possible publication. The average period for feedback to authors is four (4) months but longer periods have been experienced in certain cases.

Contributions which do not comply with the guidelines and referencing style will be rejected outright.

From 2016, PELJ/PER publishes continuously and contributions will be published as they become available.

PELJ/PER uses a digital object identifier (DOI), which is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (CrossRef) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet. The publisher assigns a DOI when an article is published and made available electronically


Copyright remains with the author/s of the article/s.

All articles published in PELJ/PER can be re-used under the following CC license: CC BY-SA Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Article Processing Charge

PELJ/PER charges an article processing fee for articles that are published. Currently, this fee is ZAR90 per page. Visit the website of the journal for any updates in this regard.

How to submit a contribution

Register and submit online at http://journals.assaf.org.za/per/index after you have read and complied with the requirements of PELJ/PER.


Editor-in-Chief: Prof Christa Rautenbach

Associate Editors:

  • Prof Klaus D Beiter
  • Prof Wian Erlank
  • Prof Anél du Plessis
  • Prof Sarel Francois du Toit
  • Dr Oliver Fuo
  • Dr Anél Gildenhuys

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