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dc.contributor.authorHaghighatafshar, Salar
dc.contributor.authorBecker, Per
dc.contributor.authorModdemeyer, Steve
dc.contributor.authorPersson, Andreas
dc.contributor.authorSörensen, Johanna
dc.identifier.citationHaghighatafshar, S. et al. 2020. Paradigm shift in engineering of pluvial floods: from historical recurrence intervals to risk-based design for an uncertain future. Sustainable cities and society, 61:# 102317. []en_US
dc.description.abstractPrecipitation is intrinsically associated with high uncertainty, which is exacerbated exponentially over time—especially concerning climate change. However, the current design practice in urban drainage infrastructure remains firmly bound to deterministic assumptions regarding the design load. This approach is too simplified—focusing only on the return period of the design event—and ignores the complexity of drainage systems and the potential changes in catchment hydrology and the at-risk valuable assets within. Therefore, the current design approach is inherently an unsustainable practice that cannot deal with extreme uncertainties associated with urban drainage and flood resilience in changing climate and society. This paper examines the current deterministic design practice and encourages a collective discussion on the need for a paradigm shift in the engineering of pluvial floods toward a risk-based design. We believe that adopting a risk-based design will partially address the uncertainty and complexity of climate and urban drainage, respectively, although a method for the new practice in a risk-based design paradigm must be developeden_US
dc.subjectPluvial floodsen_US
dc.subjectUrban flood risken_US
dc.subjectDrainage infrastructureen_US
dc.subjectClimate changeen_US
dc.subjectDeterministic designen_US
dc.subjectProbabilistic designen_US
dc.titleParadigm shift in engineering of pluvial floods: from historical recurrence intervals to risk-based design for an uncertain futureen_US
dc.contributor.researchID23639652 - Becker, Per

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