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dc.contributor.authorGoede, Roelien
dc.contributor.authorBoshuizen-van-Burken, Christine
dc.identifier.citationGoede, R. & Boshuizen-van-Burken, C. 2019. A critical systems thinking approach to empower refugees based on Maslow's theory of human motivation. Systems research and behavioral science, 36(5):715-726. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1099-1743 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThe life of a refugee is hard. We show how Maslow's theory of motivation can be utilized to better understand the situation of refugees in the Netherlands. Our aim is to formulate guidelines for the authorities in terms of logistical support. From a methodological position, we motivate the use of critical systems thinking to be used in wicked problems. The popular account of Maslow's work undermines key aspects from the original work, namely, preconditions for need satisfaction and the role of information. As we analysed stories told by refugees, it is these lesser known aspects of his theory that provided most insights. Freedom in host countries is gained on different levels. Contrasting Maslow's view, we propose that freedom is an “end” and hierarchical. Without information, the refugee cannot experience freedom. Because the stories of the refugees follow Maslow's needs hierarchy, we argue that information provided should be according to this hierarchyen_US
dc.subjectCritical systems thinkingen_US
dc.subjectRefugee crisesen_US
dc.subjectTheory of human motivationen_US
dc.subjectWicked problemsen_US
dc.titleA critical systems thinking approach to empower refugees based on Maslow's theory of human motivationen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10085971 - Goede, Roelien

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