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dc.contributor.authorMalan, Leoné
dc.contributor.authorHamer, Mark
dc.contributor.authorVon Känel, Roland
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Wayne
dc.contributor.authorSteyn, Faans
dc.contributor.authorMalan, Nicolaas
dc.identifier.citationMalan, L. et al. 2019. Stress and neurovascular coupling: a red flag? The SABPA study. 3rd Joint Meeting of the European-Society-for-Microcirculation (ESM) and the European-Vascular-Biology-Organization (EVBO), April 2019, Maastricht, Netherlands, Abstract 163. Journal of vascular research, 56 (Suppl 1):76. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1423-0135 (Online)
dc.description.abstractNeuronal hyperactivity mediates communication between neurons and blood vessels (neurovascular coupling) and increases susceptibility for retinal ganglion cells functionality. Contrastingly, monoamine depletion and hypo-activity of cortisol reflected major depression, which may also disturb neurovascular coupling. Hence our objectives were to assess: 1) trajectories of two major stress hormones (norepinephrine and cortisol) over 3 yrs; and determine 2) associations between the retinal vasculature and stress hormone changes and responses during flicker-light-induced-provocation (FLIP)en_US
dc.titleStress and neurovascular coupling: a red flag? The SABPA studyen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10056173 - Malan, Nicolaas Theodor
dc.contributor.researchID10060871 - Malan, Leoné
dc.contributor.researchID22684808 - Hamer, Mark
dc.contributor.researchID22945717 - Smith, Wayne
dc.contributor.researchID25499777 - Von Känel, Roland
dc.contributor.researchID10176527 - Steyn, Hendrik Stefanus

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