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dc.contributor.authorKotzé, G
dc.identifier.citationKotzé, G. 2008. Ontwikkeling van 'n Afrikaanse woordnet: Metodologie en integrasie. Literator; journal of literary criticism, comparative linguistics and literary studies, (Special Issue 1), 29:163-184. []en
dc.description.abstractThe Afrikaans wordnet is a lexical-conceptual network in the form of an electronic lexical database, developed at the North- West University. In this article, a methodology for a semi-automatic construction of the entries – so-called synonym sets – is investigated. Firstly, a background is given on the nature of a wordnet, as well as “WordNet”, on which it is based. Other wordnets, as well as applications of wordnets, are also discussed here. Next, the macrostructure of a wordnet in terms of its integration and compatibility with other wordnets is investigated, after which the proposed methodology is presented with a discussion of the results. Finally, a projection is made to the integration of the Afrikaans wordnet with other resources, which include “WordNet” and an Afrikaans lexical database, called ALEXANDER.
dc.publisherBuro vir Wetenskaplike Tydskrifte : Bureau of Scholarly Journalsen
dc.titleOntwikkeling van 'n Afrikaanse woordnet: Metodologie en integrasie

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