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    • In vitro skin permeation of selected platinum group metals 

      Franken, Anja (2014)
      Background: Platinum group metal (PGM) mining and refining is a large constituent of the mining sector of South Africa and contributes significantly to the gross domestic product. The PGMs include the rare metals platinum ...
    • The influence of pH on the in vitro permeation of platinum through human skin 

      Van Nieuwenhuizen, Yolandi (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2016)
      Background: At platinum mines and refineries, and other industries such as the catalytic industry, workers are at risk of being potentially exposed via dermal contact to soluble platinum salts, which are known sensitisers ...
    • The influence of pH on the in vitro skin permeation of rhodium 

      Jansen van Rensburg, Susanna Jacoba (2014)
      In occupational settings where rhodium is produced or used, such as the mining industry, refineries and catalytic industries, workers are at risk of being dermally exposed to this metal in either the metallic form or its ...