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dc.contributor.authorAmusan, Lere
dc.identifier.citationAmusan, L. 2016. Marsupial babies in the midst of plenty: America's dominance by design in the Gulf of Guinea. Journal of Social Sciences, 48(3):203-212. []
dc.description.abstractThe leitmotif of the United States of America (US) in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) is to have total control of fossil fuel in the region. In doing so, it has established the Africa Command (Africom) to replace the three cumbersome Europe, Pacific and Central Commands that shared protection of the African continent. Africa, the erstwhile less significant continent has been viewed as credible energy supplier since Middle East is littered with radical Islamic fundamentalism; also the need to protect the States' oil multinationals in failed and failing Africa oil producers further Africom and GoG Commission. Through various technical assistances in the form of aid and responsibility to protect (R2P) from America, Africa is on a daily basis robbed of its resources that would have made the 21st century, a century of the continent. Until Africa, in general, and GoG states in particular realise that America's occupation in Africa is not out of altruistic, but for plundering of available resources for the development of the North, the continent will hardly experience meaningful development.
dc.subjectGulf of Guinea
dc.subjectOil Politics
dc.titleMarsupial babies in the midst of plenty: America's dominance by design in the Gulf of Guinea
dc.contributor.researchID24825549 - Amusan, Samuel Olalere

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