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dc.contributor.authorRavyse, C.
dc.contributor.authorReitsma, G.
dc.identifier.citationRavyse, C. & Reitsma, G. 2015. Multi-media for flipped classrooms: engaged nutrition learning in a multi-media enhanced flipped classroom. Progressio, 37(1):19-32. []en_US
dc.description.abstractThis article focuses on the experiences of Health Science students changing from a traditional lecturer–centred, face–to–face teaching scenario to a multi–modal learning experience in a flipped classroom. Getting students engaged with course content is sometimes a challenge for lecturers, especially in a basic introductory compulsory course, where a student may not be interested or motivated. Furthermore, traditional teaching methods are increasingly being criticised for not speaking to the younger generation who demand more active visual methods of teaching to keep their attention. A lack of student engagement and motivation in a nutrition course prompted the lecturer to redesign the traditional teaching approach previously used in this introductory course. In addition, the unavailability of multi–media content for the specific South African context formed part of the research problem. The nutrition introduction course for second–year students was re–designed according to Picciano s model for multi–modal learning, applying multi–modal learning by incorporating self–designed multi–media study material within a flipped classroom approach. Design–based research with a mixed methods approach was followed, including a pre–course test, polls, narratives and focus group interviews. The results showed that students were initially negative and unsure about this process, but that their experience improved during the semester, and that the use of multi–media within a multi–modal learning approach enhanced their learning experience. The study also showed that close collaboration between the lecturer and the instructional designer is necessary to ensure quality effective multi–media resources, and that technical support for students is critical.en_US
dc.subjectflipped classroomen_US
dc.subjectmulti-modal learningen_US
dc.titleMulti-media for flipped classrooms: engaged nutrition learning in a multi-media enhanced flipped classroomen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10076956 - Reitsma, Gerda Marié
dc.contributor.researchID10897143 - Botha-Ravyse, Chrisna Rachél

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