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dc.contributor.authorDu Toit, Marina
dc.contributor.authorChirayath, Sunil
dc.identifier.citationDu Toit, M. & Chirayath, S. 2015. Proposal for improved nuclear fuel utilisation and economic performance by utilising thorium. Journal of energy in Southern Africa, 26(2): 11-18. []en_US
dc.description.abstractA systematic and strategic nuclear power reactor deployment roadmap has been developed for South Africa within the national strategic plan, utilizing thorium-based fuel. The roadmap was developed through analysis of economical, strategic and historical aspects. The accumulated advantages of thorium-based fuels are summarized, which could form the initiative to implement thorium-based nuclear fuels in South Africa. A timeline (which forms the basis of the roadmap) was constructed and consists of three different phases. Phase 1 starts in 2015 and extends to 2030. Phase 2 starts in 2031 and ends in 2044 whilst Phase 3 is from 2045 to 2060. Each phase is discussed with regard to construction, implementation and research activities. This roadmap starts at current pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and advances to future reactor technologies, using an evolutionary approach. In addition to the results reported in this paper, the economic advantages to introducing thorium as a fertile component in PWR fuels as compared to once-through conventional uranium-only cycles is explored (Du Toit & Cilliers, 2014). The economic evaluation compares uranium fuel to thorium-uranium fuel in terms of the fuel cycle costs, reactor downtime costs due to refuelling and income derived from electricity salesen_US
dc.description.sponsorshipEskom; National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africaen_US
dc.publisherUniv Cape Town, Energy Research Centreen_US
dc.subjectthorium-based fuelsen_US
dc.subjectfuel cycleen_US
dc.subjectnuclear power in South Africaen_US
dc.titleProposal for improved nuclear fuel utilisation and economic performance by utilising thoriumen_US
dc.contributor.researchID20517122 - Du Toit, Maria Hendrina

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