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dc.contributor.authorPhetlho-Thekisho, Nomonde
dc.contributor.authorRyke, Elma
dc.contributor.authorStrydom, Herman
dc.identifier.citationPhetlho-thekisho, N. et al. 2012. Factors that precipitate and maintain inter-personal violence inflicted by binge drinkers. Social work practitioner researcher, 24(2):246-265. []en_US
dc.description.abstractThe article discusses a study that was initiated as a follow-up to a wider study, the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study of 2005, and also reports on factors that precipitate and maintain interpersonal violence inflicted by binge drinkers. Using focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, a total 60 participants was purposefully selected. The results established as precipitating and maintenance factors of the alcoholviolence link: A culture of drinking based on societal norms that condone binge drinking for men; A culture of violence based on social norms and attitudes that condone violence against women; A culture of expectations and a form of entitlement based on patriarchal notions of masculinity related to male control over women and male sexual entitlement. Most women are defiant about these expectations, resulting in gender role transgressions, binge drinking and more violence perpetrated against them. A holistic type of intervention is suggested based on the ecological model.en_US
dc.subjectEcological modelen_US
dc.subjectalcohol abuseen_US
dc.subjectbinge drinkingen_US
dc.subjectfocus groupsen_US
dc.subjectin-depth interviewsen_US
dc.subjectsexual assault/violenceen_US
dc.titleFactors that precipitate and maintain inter-personal violence inflicted by binge drinkersen_US
dc.contributor.researchID16375785 - Phetlho-Thekisho, Nomonde Geraldine
dc.contributor.researchID10180761 - Strydom, Hermanus
dcterms.publisherUnisa Press

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