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dc.contributor.authorVos, Deon
dc.contributor.authorVan der Westhuizen, Philip C.
dc.contributor.authorMentz, P.J.
dc.contributor.authorEllis, S.M.
dc.identifier.citationVos, D. et al. 2012. Educators and the quality of their work environment: an analysis of the organisational climate in primary schools. South African journal of education, 32:56-68. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn2076-3433 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThe prevalent organisational climate in primary schools in the North West Province was determined in order to formulate management strategies to increase the organisational climate. For this purpose, a quantitative research method, founded in post-positivistic points of departure, was applied. In the process, the Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire – Rutgers Elementary (OCDQ-RE) was applied in order to determine the behaviour of principals and school educators. The investigation indicated that the behaviour of the principals and that of the educators contributed only to an average degree to the establishment of a more effective organisational climate in the primary schools investigated. Furthermore the exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses indicated that certain items in the original climate questionnaire, which were grouped in the directive behaviour of the principal, were viewed by the respondents in South Africa as supportive but, in some instances, also as restrictiveen_US
dc.publisherEducation Association of South Africa (EASA)en_US
dc.subjectEducational environmenten_US
dc.subjecteffective schoolsen_US
dc.subjectimproving organisational climateen_US
dc.subjectimproving school climateen_US
dc.subjectmanagement stylesen_US
dc.subjectOrganizational Climate Description Questionnaire (OCDQ)en_US
dc.subjectorganisational climateen_US
dc.subjectprimary schoolsen_US
dc.subjectschool climateen_US
dc.subjectteacher morale and attitudesen_US
dc.titleEducators and the quality of their work environment: an analysis of the organisational climate in primary schoolsen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10179178 - Van der Westhuizen, Philippus Cornelius
dc.contributor.researchID10064818 - Mentz, Paulus Jacobus
dc.contributor.researchID10188908 - Ellis, Susanna Maria

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