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dc.contributor.authorManeschijn, R.
dc.contributor.authorVosloo, J.C.
dc.contributor.authorPelzer, R.
dc.identifier.citationManeschijn, R. et al. 2014. Effective multi-level energy reporting in South African industry. Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy (ICUE). 2014 International Conference Proceedings: 135-140. []en_US
dc.description.abstractEnergy management standards received significant attention in recent years for assisting intensive users in improving energy management processes. However, applying such a standard to the Energy Management System of an industrial consumer is most effective if supported by an Energy Information Management System. Energy Information Management Systems are commercially available and have been applied in South African industry. However, one notable shortfall of the majority of these systems is in assisting energy management representatives in developing and implementing effective reports. In this paper, a simplified guideline for the development and implementation of effective energy reporting is discussed. The effectiveness of such reports is reviewed through case studiesen_US
dc.subjectEnergy management systemsen_US
dc.subjectinformation managementen_US
dc.titleEffective multi-level energy reporting in South African industryen_US
dc.contributor.researchID12317845 - Vosloo, Jan Corné
dc.contributor.researchID12674818 - Pelzer, Ruaan

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