31 May 2006



In this first of at least three editions planned for 2006, the focus is on environmental law:

  • Professor Verschuuren of Tilburg University attributes the high moral value of the principles of environmental law to the ideal of sustainable development.

  • Advocate Paschke and Professor Glazewski of Cape Town offers strong arguments against allowing retrospective environmental authorisation as militating against the purposes of environmental assessment.

  • Professor Feris of the University of Pretoria investigates the South African legal regime regarding risk management and liability concerning genetically modified organisms, finding it to be inadequate.

  • Mr Paterson of the University of Cape Town critically analyses South African attempts to produce a coherent legislative framework for the regulation of alien invasive plants in accordance with the principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity

  • Dr Kotze of Potchefstroom argues the necessity of integrating environmental governance efforts for the purposes of rendering environmental governance sustainable, and

  • Ms Du Plessis of Potchefstroom demonstrates, with reference to the case of the Khomani San community in the Kalahari, that land reform can impact strongly on the environment and sustainable development.

Editor: Professor Francois Venter / Guest editor: Professor Werner Scholtz

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