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    • Characterising HCI principles for evaluating the user experience of a serious game 

      Fitchat, Lizanne (North-West University, 2016)
      Serious games as a viable learning medium have been documented in the literature. The challenge for serious game developers is to put careful thought into the design of these types of video games so as to deliver fun and ...
    • A new method for content selection on a mobile device 

      Esterhuizen, J.J. (North-West University (South Africa), 2020)
      In this modern, fast-paced society people must be able to work while away from their desks. The rise and adoption of mobile devices have improved productivity for many people who can now start or continue work which was ...
    • Towards a methodology for online VR application testing 

      Botha-Ravyse, Chrisna; Froland, Tord Hettervik; Luimula, Mika; Markopoulos, Panagiotis; Bellalouna, Fahmi (IEEE, 2020)
      Performing online testing for applications is a common practice in business, but for research without much control over the participants it is unknown as to what this process should look like and what could be possible ...