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    • Independence tests in semiparametric transformation models 

      Hušková, Marie; Meintanis, Simos G.; Pretorius, Charl; Neumeyer, Natalie (SASA, 2018)
      Consider an observed response Y which, following a certain transformation Yϑ by := Tϑ (Y ), can be expressed by a homoskedastic nonparametric regression model reference a vector X of regressors. If this transformation model ...
    • Testing the adequacy of semiparametric transformation models 

      Allison, J.S.; Meintanis, S.G.; Hušková, M. (Springer, 2018)
      We consider a semiparametric model whereby the response variable following a transformation can be expressed by means of a regression model. In this model, the form of the transformation is specified analytically (up to ...
    • Tests for validity of the semiparametric heteroskedastic transformation model 

      Hušková, Marie; Meintanis, Simos G.; Pretorius, Charl (Elsevier, 2020)
      There exist a number of tests for assessing the nonparametric heteroskedastic location-scale assumption. The goodness-of-fit tests considered are for the more general hypothesis of the validity of this model under a ...