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    • A diachronic analysis of the progressive aspect in Black South African English 

      Piotrowska, Carolina Monika (2014)
      Current research into language change and evolution focuses on native varieties of English, Schneider’s (2007) settler strand, but we have little knowledge concerning diachronic changes in non-native varieties of English, ...
    • Specification in the English nominal group with reference to student writing 

      Botha, Yolande Vanessa (North-West University, 2012)
      In this thesis the structure of the nominal group in Black South African English (BSAfE) is investigated by means of a comparison of data from the Tswana Learner English Corpus (TLEC) and the Louvain Corpus of Native ...
    • The uses of 'some' as determiner in BSAfE 

      Botha, Yolande (Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service, 2015)
      The determiner some is used primarily as an indication of an unspecified, but particular quantity. The question of whether this core meaning of some is extended in Black South African English (BSAfE) is addressed in this ...