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    • Annual parallax and galactic orbit of Y Librae (IRAS 15090−0549) Mira variable star-GALORB release 

      Chibueze, James O.; Omodaka, Toshihiro; Urago, Riku; Nagayama, Takumi; Alhassan, Jibrin A. (Oxford Univ Press, 2019)
      Using the VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry (VERA), we measured the trigonometric parallax of an H2O maser source in a variable star of Mira Cet type, Y Lib, to be 0.855 ± 0.050 mas, corresponding to a distance of 1.17 ...
    • Bow shocks in a newly discovered maser source in IRAS 20231+3440 

      Ogbodo, C.S.; Chibueze, J.O.; Burns, R.A.; Handa, T.; Omodaka, T. (Oxford Univ Press, 2017)
      From measuring the annual parallax of water masers over 1.5 yr with VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry, we present the trigonometric parallax and corresponding distance of another newly identified water maser source ...