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    • Comprehensive active magnetic bearing modelling taking rotor dynamics into account 

      Pretorius, Morné (North-West University, 2008)
      The McTronX Research Group at the North-West University is conducting research in the field of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) with the aim of establishing a knowledge base for future industry consultation. AMBs are ...
    • Deterministic micro-controller selection method for complex control algorithms 

      Bloem, Johannes Hendrik Daniël (North-West University (South Africa), 2019)
      This dissertation presents a method for selecting a micro-controller unit (MCU). The driving force behind this method is to determine whether or not a MCU will have enough processing power for a complex control algorithm ...
    • Self-sensing algorithms for active magnetic bearings 

      Niemann, Andries Christiaan (North-West University, 2008)
      Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have become a key technology in industrial applications with a continued drive for cost reduction and an increase in reliability. AMBs require position feedback to suspend the rotor. ...