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dc.contributor.authorJohnson, T.J.
dc.contributor.authorVenter, C.
dc.contributor.authorHarding, A.K.
dc.contributor.authorGrove, J.E.
dc.identifier.citationJohnson, T.J. et al. 2012. Modeling the pulse profiles of millisecond pulsars in the second LAT catalog of γ-ray pulsars. 5th International Meeting on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, 9-13 July, Heidelberg, Germany. AIP conference series, 1505: 325-328. []en_US
dc.description.abstractSignificant γ-ray pulsations have been detected from ∼40 millisecond pulsars (MSPs) using 3 years of sky-survey data from the Fermi LAT and radio timing solutions from across the globe. We have fit the radio and γ-ray pulse profiles of these MSPs using geometric versions of slot gap and outer gap γ-ray emission models and radio cone and core models. For MSPs with radio and γ-ray peaks aligned in phase we also explore low-altitude slot gap γ-ray models and caustic radio models. The best-fit parameters provide constraints on the viewing geometries and emission sites. While the exact pulsar magnetospheric geometry is unknown, we can use the increased number of known γ-ray MSPs to look for significant trends in the population which average over these uncertaintiesen_US
dc.titleModeling the pulse profiles of millisecond pulsars in the second LAT catalog of γ-ray pulsarsen_US
dc.contributor.researchID12006653 - Venter, Christo

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