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dc.contributor.authorFrancken, Eep
dc.identifier.citationFrancken, E. 2016. Wat moesten de Suid-Afrikaantjies lezen? Nederlandse voorgeskrewe boeke 1938-1955. Tydskrif vir Nederlands en Afrikaans, 23(1):48-57. []
dc.description.abstractBesides Afrikaans literature, Dutch literature was also part of the required reading in South African high school exams for the subject Afrikaans until the 1980s. This introductory article gives an overview of Dutch-language literary works prescribed for the period between 1938 and 1955. Why was Dutch literature on the required reading list, too? What standards determined the selection of books? These and other such questions are discussed in this article to call attention to this underexplored chapter in South African and Dutch literary history and to encourage further study. It would be useful, for example, to connect the findings with a historical view of certain aspects of South African culture. What influence - if any - did prescribed Dutch literary texts have on creative writing in Afrikaans? How did the story of the place of Dutch literature in the South African high school curriculum continue after 1955? Why did Dutch literature eventually disappear from the curriculum? Probably the South African archives contain a wealth of material that will enable researchers to answer these and other questions.
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis Routledge and Unisa Press
dc.titleWat moesten de Suid-Afrikaantjies lezen? Nederlandse voorgeskrewe boeke 1938-1955
dc.contributor.researchID26043742 - Francken, Abraham

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