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dc.contributor.authorPhan, Ngan Thi
dc.contributor.authorDe Waele, Dirk
dc.contributor.authorLorieux, Mathias
dc.contributor.authorXiong, Lizhong
dc.contributor.authorBellafiore, Stephane
dc.identifier.citationPhan, N.T. et al. 2018. A hypersensitivity-like response to Meloidogyne graminicola in rice (Oryza sativa). Phytopathology, 108(4):521-528. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1943-7684 (Online)
dc.description.abstractMeloidogyne graminicola is a major plant-parasitic nematode affecting rice cultivation in Asia. Resistance to this nematode was found in the African rice genotypes Oryza glaberrima and O. longistaminata; however, due to interspecific hybrid sterility, the introgression of resistance genes in the widely consumed O. sativa varieties remains challenging. Recently, resistance was found in O. sativa and, here, we report for the first time the histological and genetic characterization of the resistance to M. graminicola in Zhonghua 11, an O. sativa variety. Bright-light microscopy and fluorescence observations of the root tissue of this variety revealed that the root cells surrounding the nematode displayed a hypersensitivity-like reaction with necrotic cells at early stages of infection when nematodes are migrating in the root’s mesoderm. An accumulation of presumably phenolic compounds in the nematodes’ neighboring root cells was also observed. In addition, at a later stage of infection, not only were few feeding sites observed but also the giant cells were underdeveloped, underlining an incompatible interaction. Furthermore, we generated a hybrid O. sativa population by crossing Zhonghua 11 with the susceptible O. sativa variety IR64 in order to describe the genetic background of this resistance. Our data suggested that the resistance to M. graminicola infection was qualitative rather than quantitative and, therefore, major resistance genes must be involved in this infection process. The full characterization of the defense mechanism and the preliminary study of the genetic inheritance of novel sources of resistance to Meloidogyne spp. in rice constitute a major step toward their use in crop breedingen_US
dc.publisherThe American Phytopathological Societyen_US
dc.titleA hypersensitivity-like response to Meloidogyne graminicola in rice (Oryza sativa)en_US
dc.contributor.researchID13080369 - De Waele, Dirk Gaby Marthe Albert

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