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    • Aspects of moral education in Bhaca mamtiseni and nkciyo initiation rituals 

      Makaula, Phiwe Ndonana (North-West University, 2010)
      The main objective of this mini–dissertation is to investigate the basic form and content of moral education as it manifests itself in the mamtiseni and nkciyo female initiation rituals of the Mount Frere region of the ...
    • Ethics in light of Ubuntu and Transimmanence 

      Ramolai, P.P. (North-West University, 2019)
      Ubuntu, as part of the African philosophical tradition, and Transimmanence, as part of the Western deconstructionist philosophical tradition, represent some of the most disparate philosophical traditions. As divergent as ...
    • Old Batswana persons' experience of loneliness : applying the Mmogo–methodTM 

      Kahl, Carlien (North-West University, 2010)
      Ageing in Africa and the world over is a phenomenon that affects individuals and societies. The expanding older population (people aged 60+) in South Africa led to this research, which represents an attempt to explore the ...