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    • A diachronic analysis of the progressive aspect in Black South African English 

      Piotrowska, Carolina Monika (2014)
      Current research into language change and evolution focuses on native varieties of English, Schneider’s (2007) settler strand, but we have little knowledge concerning diachronic changes in non-native varieties of English, ...
    • Grammatikale veranderinge in Afrikaans van 1911 tot 2010 

      Kirsten, Johanita (2016)
      In the past few decades, the investigation of grammatical change using electronic corpora has made headway internationally. Although linguists previously believed that grammatical changes progress too slowly to observe, ...
    • Laaste spore van Nederlands in Afrikaanse werkwoorde 

      Kirsten, Johanita (North-West University, 2013)
      In the diachronic studies of Afrikaans in the past, the focus used to be on the origin and early development of Afrikaans from Dutch. During the twentieth century, the philological school, with a tradition of researching ...