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    • Alternative method for equipment condition monitoring on South African mines 

      Cloete, G.J. (North-West University, 2018)
      The practicality of accurate condition monitoring and fault diagnostics depends on the type of parameter measured and the accuracy of the measurement. In the South African mining industry, it is common to find large ...
    • Optimising energy recovery on mine dewatering systems 

      Van der Wateren, W. (North-West University, 2018)
      Mines in South Africa face many challenges. Chief among these are rising production costs. This coupled with labour unrests and investor uncertainty means that mines are under significant strain. An excellent method to ...
    • Reconfiguring mine water reticulation systems for cost savings 

      Conradie, W. (North-West University, 2018)
      Rising electricity costs in South Africa force companies, including gold mines, to minimise their energy consumption (EC). More than 30% of the total energy demand for deep-level mines is consumed by the water reticulation ...