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    • An analysis of precision agriculture in the South African summer grain producing areas 

      Hendriks, Joseph (North-West University, 2011)
      Both globally and locally, agriculture faces ever increasing challenges such as high input costs, strict environmental laws, decrease in land for cultivation and an increase in demand due to the growing global population. ...
    • Bemarking van die Drakensberger as beesras in Suid–Afrika 

      Smit, Maria Elizabeth (North-West University, 2010)
      There is currently no strategic marketing plan for stud or commercial breeders of the Drakensberger breed of cattle in South Africa. This study aims to determine what strategic marketing plans can be employed that could ...
    • Travel behaviour of visitors to ATKV-Natalia Resort 

      Van Vuuren, Clarise Letitia (2010)
      The purpose of this study was to determine the travel behaviour of tourists to a ATKV resort, more specifically ATKV-Natalia. Numerous studies on travel behaviour has been done, but none of them indicated that it was ...