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dc.contributor.authorDhlamini, Joyce Phikisile
dc.identifier.citationDhlamini, J.P. 2016. Management of learner discipline in secondary schools: a collaborative effort. International Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(3):474-484. []
dc.description.abstractThe focus of this paper is on the management of the learner discipline in the secondary schools. Two secondary schools were sampled for data collection. A qualitative research design was used engaging four focus group interviews with the learners, two focus groups for educators with eight participants each, as well as two one on one interviews for the principals and the other eight educators from both the schools for in-depth interviews. A total of 74 participants were involved. This study considered the collaborative effort in managing learner discipline in secondary schools. It is concluded that educators are experiencing difficulties and constrains to manage the learner behaviour and to handle the nature of learner misconduct in the school and in the classroom. Recommendations were made to assist the principals, educators and the learners to deal with learner misconduct and implement alternative strategies to manage discipline in schools.
dc.subjectCode of Conduct
dc.subjectSouth African Schools Act
dc.titleManagement of learner discipline in secondary schools: a collaborative effort
dc.contributor.researchID25768964 - Dhlamini, Joyce Phikisile

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