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    • Modelling new particle formation events in the South African savannah 

      Gierens, Rosa T.; Laakso, Lauri; Beukes, Johan P.; Van Zyl, Pieter G.; Pienaar, Jacobus J. (ASSAf, 2014)
      Africa is one of the less studied continents with respect to atmospheric aerosols. Savannahs are complex dynamic systems sensitive to climate and land-use changes, but the interaction of these systems with the atmosphere ...
    • Observation and quantification of aerosol outflow from southern Africa using spaceborne lidar 

      McGill, Matthew J.; Swap, Robert J.; Piketh, Stuart J.; Yorks, John E.; Selmer, Patrick A. (ASSAf, 2020)
      Biomass burning in Africa provides a prolific source of aerosols that are transported from the source region to distant areas, as far away as South America and Australia. Models have long predicted the primary outflow and ...
    • Plume characterization of a typical South African braai 

      Venter, A.D.; Jaars, K.; Booyens, W.; Beukes, J.P.; Van Zyl, P.G.; Josipovic, M.; Hendriks, J.; Laakso, L. (SACI, 2015)
      To braai is part of the South African heritage that transcends ethnic barriers and socio-economic groups. In this paper, a comprehensive analysis of atmospheric gaseous and aerosol species within a plume originating from ...