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    • Classifying Africans with the Metabolic Syndrome 

      Schutte, Aletta E; Olckers, Antonel; Huisman, Hugo W; Van Rooyen, Johannes; Malan, Leone; Malan, Nicolaas T; Schutte, Rudolph; Schutte, Aletta E.; Olckers, Antonel; Huisman, Hugo W.; Van Rooyen, Johannes; Malan, Leoné; Malan, Nicolaas T.; Schutte, Rudolph (Thieme, 2009)
      This study was aimed to compare prevalences of the metabolic syndrome in Africans using five definitions as proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance (EGIR), ...
    • Ethnic and gender differences regarding the insulin-blood pressure relationship 

      Schutte, Aletta E; Huisman, Hugo W; Palmer, Iolanthe Marike; Schutte, Aletta E; Huisman, Hugo W.; Palmer, Iolanthe Marike (Elsevier, 2009)
      Ageing is associated with increased insulin and C-peptide levels. Due to a lack of data, our first aim was to establish whether this also holds true for Africans from South Africa. Our second aim was to determine whether ...