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    • Evaluation of a Health Setting-Based Stigma Intervention in Five African Countries 

      Uys, L.; Chirwa, M.; Kohi, T.; Greeff, M.; Naidoo, J.; Makoae, L.; Dlamini, P.; Durrheim, K.; Cuca, Y.; Holzemer, W.L. (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2009)
      The study aim is to explore the results of an HIV stigma intervention in five African health care settings. A case study approach was used. The intervention consisted of bringing together a team of approximately 10 nurses ...
    • Urinary albumin excretion from spot urine samples predict all-cause and stroke mortality in Africans 

      Schutte, R.; Schmieder, R.E.; Huisman, H.W.; Smith, W.; Van Rooyen, J.M.; Fourie, C.M.T.; Kruger, R.; Uys, L.; Ware, L.; Mels, C.M.C.; Greeff, M; Kruger, I.M.; Schutte, A.E. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      BACKGROUND: Increased urinary albumin excretion reflects general vascular damage and predicts adverse cardiovascular and renal outcomes. Albuminuria can be determined from easily collected spot urine samples, especially ...