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    • Nutrient adequacy 

      Vorster, H.H. (Karger, 2015)
      Key Messages "Nutrient adequacy, a result of consumption of sufficient amounts of all essential nutrients and energy to meet individual requirements, is a prerequisite for normal growth, development and health. " ...
    • Religion and culture 

      Vorster, Hester Hendrina (Karger, 2015)
      Key Messages "Health professionals (HPs) should be aware, sensitive and respectfully support differences in religion, cultural values and dietary practices of clients and patients." HPs should develop cultural ...
    • Undernutrition in the developing world  

      Vorster, Hester Hendrina (Karger, 2015)
      Key Messages Undernutrition is an outcome of many interlinked disadvantages rooted in poverty. "It is also a major cause of poverty. There is a vicious cycle between undernutrition, low human capital, underdevelopment, ...