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    • Influence of Coactors on Saccadic and Manual Responses 

      Oliva, Manuel; Niehorster, Diederick C.; Jarodzka, Halszka; Holmqvist, Kenneth (Sage, 2017)
      Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of coaction on saccadic and manual responses. Participants performed the experiments either in a solitary condition or in a group of coactors who performed the same ...
    • Managing socio-institutional enclosure: a grounded theory of caregivers' attentiveness in hospital care 

      Klaver, Klaartje; Baart, Andries (Elsevier, 2016)
      Purpose: Caregivers' attentiveness is vital for healthcare quality, yet existing research lacks a specific definition and neglects its different forms and aspects. Methods: This paper presents a qualitative, grounded theory ...
    • The components of attentiveness in Oncology Care 

      Klaver, Klaartje; Baart, Andries (Nova Southeastern University, 2016)
      This article presents the first findings of a qualitative empirical study of caregivers' attentiveness in hospital oncology care. It takes a care ethical perspective, in which attentiveness is considered an indispensable ...