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dc.contributor.authorKaren Van der Merween_US
dc.contributor.authorWerner Nellen_US
dc.identifier.citationVan Der Merwe, E.K. & Nell, H.W. 2013. Knowledge and learning: views of a sample of South African higher education. Journal of psychology in Africa, 23(1):61-68. []en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study explored views of knowledge and learning held by a sample of 14 Black South African first year university students (age range = 18-24, 50% female). Data was collected by means of semi-structured interviews, group interviews and focus group interviews. The data was subjected to thematic qualitative content analysis. A majority of the participants evidenced a pre-reflective epistemological perspective characterized by the beliefs that knowledge is certain and absolute rather than relative; that the source of knowledge is vested exclusively in authorities external to the self, that learning is quick, and that it mainly involves memorization of facts. However, a few participants espoused more advanced, pre-reflective epistemological beliefs via awareness of bias and the idiosyncratic nature of knowledge. Greater epistemological sophistication was associated with the presence of supportive educational role models such as teachers or parents, and personal characteristics such as determination and inquisitiveness.
dc.publisherElliott & Fitzpatrick & NISC [© 2010 Elliot & Fitzpatrick]
dc.subjectPersonal epistemology
dc.subjectAfrican students
dc.subjectViews of knowledge
dc.subjectViews of learning
dc.titleKnowledge and learning: views of a sample of South African higher educationen_US
dc.contributor.researchID11039736 - Van der Merwe, Eveline Karen
dc.contributor.researchID10725385 - Nell, Hermann Werner

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