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    • A contextual analysis of the hate speech provisions of the equality act 

      Marais, M E; Pretorius, J L (2015)
      The article presents a detailed contextual analysis of the categorical prohibition of hate speech in terms of section 10(1) of the Equality Act. It is argued that this provision is not primarily intended to describe and ...
    • The core meaning of human dignity 

      Steinmann, Rinie (2016)
      The concept of human dignity is relatively new in international and domestic constitutional law. Dignity is protected as a value or a right, or both, in international law and many domestic jurisdictions. It is difficult ...
    • A selection of constitutional perspectives on human kidney sales 

      Venter, Bonnie (2013)
      There are thousands of desperate people globally who need a kidney for transplantation. The number of people who require a kidney transplant continues to escalate faster than the number of kidneys available for a transplant. ...