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    • The expected very-high-energy flux from a population of globular clusters 

      Venter, C.; Kopp, A. (SAIt, 2015)
      Given their old ages, globular clusters are expected to harbour many evolved stellar objects. Their high core densities enhance stellar encounter rates, also facilitating the formation of stellar end products. In particular, ...
    • Hard spectral tails in magnetars 

      Wadiasingh, Zorawar; Baring, Matthew G.; Gonthier, Peter L.; Harding, Alice K. (Cambridge Univ Press, 2017)
      Pulsed non-thermal quiescent emission between 10 keV and around 150 keV has been observed in ~10 magnetars. For inner magnetospheric models of such hard X-ray signals, resonant Compton upscattering of soft thermal photons ...