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    • Brewery effluent sludge characterization and dewatering to increase potential water recycling capabilities 

      Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis; Van der Vyver, Christiaan; Moyakhe, Dumisane; Waanders, Frans; De Klerk, Corli (EARET, 2018)
      In this study various coagulants and flocculants were tested for optimum removal of COD from brewery wastewater. The coagulants used were ferric chloride and an organic coagulant mixture obtained from the brewery company. ...
    • Pretreatment of coal power plant ro retentate using AR Floc 100 

      Fosso-Kankeu, E.; Van Schalkwyk, L.; Waanders, F.; Gericke, G. (EARET, 2018)
      The water purification process at Eskom includes a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment plant. There are several limitations to this process depending on the water characteristics. The most common problems limiting the success ...
    • Removal of COD from biodiesel wastewater using a hydrophobic polymer 

      Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis; Van den Berg, Marcelle; Waanders, Frans; Pandey, Sadanand (EARET, 2018)
      Biodiesel production is increasing internationally as an alternative fuel. This is due to the rapid depletion of non-renewable energy sources. Pure biodiesel product can be obtained by washing the product with hot water. ...