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    • CREAK descriptor evaluation for visual odometry 

      Smulders, Dehan; Uren, Kenneth; Van Schoor, George; Van Daalen, Corné; Engelbrecht, Japie (IEEE, 2019)
      Each year, latest state of the art technologies and algorithms arise that claim and prove to-shine their predecessors. One such algorithm is the Colour-based Retina Key-point (CREAK) descriptor, which is based on the FAST ...
    • Strengthening capacity for evidence-informed decision-making in Africa: evident lessons and opportunities 

      Aryeetey, Richmond; Taljaard, Christine; Colecraft, Esi; Hailu, Tesfaye; Kolsteren, Patrick (Karger, 2017)
      Background and objectives: Unacceptably high rates of malnutrition in Africa persists, despite considerable knowledge and technology to address its determinants. A missing link is the access to and ...