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    • Drying of coal fines assisted by ceramic sorbents 

      Van Rensburg, M.J.; Le Roux, M.; Campbell, Q.P. (Springer, 2016)
      It is proposed to introduce contact sorption drying as a method to reduce the moisture content in coal fines. The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of drying fine and ultra-fine coal using porous ceramic ...
    • Effect of temperature and cathode material on power production in an earthenware microbial fuel cell 

      Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis; Rosslee, Gerhard; Pandey, Sadanand; Waanders, Frans; Marx, Sanette (EARET, 2018)
      This study investigates the performance of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) fed with municipal sewage water considering parameters such as temperature and cathode materials. Single chamber ceramic MFCs with the cathode exposed ...