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    • Adsorption of metal ions from fine coal tailings dump waste water using bio-char 

      Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis; Weideman, Reinhardt; Moyakhe, Dumisane; Campbell, Quentin; Waanders, Frans (EARET, 2018)
      Coal mining operations produce large amounts of tailings which contains heavy metals. Heavy metals such as cadmium (Cd) can cause environmental problems. The adsorption capacities of biochars produced from spent coffee ...
    • Biosorption of cadmium from water using surfactant impregnated eggshell 

      Fosso-Kankeu, Elvis; Steenekamp, Gerhard; Akinpelu, Enoch; Waanders, Frans (EARET, 2018)
      Cadmium (Cd) is regarded as one of the most toxic elements and it causes water pollution when it exceeds the permissible limit. It is currently present in the Mooi River above these permitted levels, and must therefore ...