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    • Isotope solar modulation with the PAMELA experiment 2019 

      Munini, Riccardo; Aslam, O.P.M.; Bisschoff, D.; Potgieter, M.S. (Sissa Medialab, 2019)
      The satellite-borne PAMELA experiment was launched on the 15th June 2006 from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Since then and until January 2016 PAMELA made high-precision measurements of the charged component of cosmic-rays ...
    • The solar modulation of protons and anti-protons 

      Aslam, O.P.M.; Bisschoff, D.; Potgieter, M. (Sissa Medialab, 2019)
      A comprehensive, three-dimensional drift model is used to study the solar modulation of cosmic-ray protons and particularly of anti-protons. Spectra for protons and anti-protons from 10 MeV to 70 GeV are computed based on ...
    • Time dependence of the proton and helium fluxes measured by PAMELA during solar minimum (2006 - 2009) 

      Marcelli, Nadir; Aslam, O.P.M.; Bisschoff, D.; Potgieter, M.S.; Boezio, M. (Sissa Medialab, 2019)
      Precision measurements of the Z = 2 component in the cosmic radiation provide crucial information about both the origin and propagation of the helium nuclei in cosmic rays inside the Galaxy. Moreover, the precise measurement ...