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    • Quality of supply data mining 

      Stander, Tiaan; Rens, Johan (IEEE, 2014)
      Extracting useful network management information from a large volume of QoS data obtained all over a network can be simplified by innovative data mining techniques. The need for QoS expertise is reduced as interactive ...
    • Towards PQ regulation in Southern Africa 

      Rens, Johan (IEEE, 2009)
      This paper discuss the regulation of Power Quality (PQ) in Southern Africa from a user perspective
    • Where is the power of the IEEE 1459-2010? 

      Rens, Johan; Van Rooyen, Tian; De Jager, Francois (IEEE, 2014)
      The integration of the IEEE 1459-2010 power definitions with the IEC 61000-4-30 PQ standard is investigated. A Class A PQ instrument, which record network coherent data with an absolute time uncertainty of less than 100 ...