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    • Monomers, polymers and cross-linked membranes for membrane fuel cells and electrolysis 

      Kerres, Jochen A.; Krüger, Andries; Schoeman, Hannes; Bessarabov, Dmitri; Krieg, Henning (Electrochemical Society, 2011)
      This contribution comprises an overview about work in the development of ionomers/ionomer (blend) membranes for fuel cells. The topics include the development of novel sulfonated monomers and homo- and copolymers; the ...
    • PBI-blended membrane evaluated in high temperature SO2 electrolyzer 

      Peach, Retha; Krieg, Henning; Krüger, Andries; Bessarabov, Dmitri; Kerres, Jochen A. (ECS, 2018)
      It has been shown that hydrogen can be produced efficiently within the membrane based Hybrid Sulfur (HyS) process, where SO2 is electrochemically oxidized in the presence of H2O to produce H2 and H2SO4. In earlier studies, ...