The New Contree (for a few years after its foundation in 1977 known as Contree) is a peer-reviewed and DoE accredited journal in the historical and human sciences of South Africa”. Previous decisions to change the original name of the Journal, have slowly paved the way for scientific discourse away from being just local/regional history focussed or/and explicitly only historically focussed or/and as a Journal only being produced by historians. No history journal in South Africa vigorously promotes historical dialogue that is multi-disciplinary, and New Contree aims to fill this space. This outlook is timely, appealing, and progressive in a new age in which cross-disciplinary research liaisons have become necessary, even compelling and not just being a bypassing mode. However, it remains an approach that is very challenging and therefore contests the editorial policy of the Journal’s history custodians on a continuous basis. New Contree’s outlook challenges history professionals to set the methodological pace, change the shape, and expand the scope of historical studies. New Contree’s editorial advisory also still supports the founding focus of local/regional history, and local heritage history which also covers oral and grassroots level history. This is possible alongside contributions on national-related histories of Southern Africa as preference.

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