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    • The effects of ozone exposure on the viability and function of cultured human cell lines 

      Pretorius, Anita (North-West University, 2005)
      Ozone exposure (Oз ) has been shown to have systemic biological effects, including dose- dependent oxidative stress and adaptation. However, the mechanisms of these effects remain elusive. The aims of the current study ...
    • Die in vitro effek van osoon op die marmottragea 

      Lotriet, Cornelius Jacob (North-West University, 2003)
      Ozone is a natural occurring allotrope of oxygen with a strong oxidizing potential and a variety of potential uses, including its antimicrobial and deodorising properties. The increased use of ozone led to questions ...
    • Investigations on the respiratory effects of ozone in the rodent 

      Lotriet, Cornelius Jacob (North-West University, 2010)
      Ozone, being an unstable molecule, is believed to be one of the strongest oxidant agents known to man. Rapid growth in the application of ozone — both as disinfectant and as form of alternative medicine — led to questions ...