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    • Active magnetic bearing condition monitoring 

      Gouws, R. (Emerald, 2013)
      In this paper, condition monitoring of the internal parts of a radial active magnetic bearing (AMB) system is performed by means of Cepstrum analysis, Wigner-Ville Distributions (WVD) and enveloped Equi-Sampled Discrete ...
    • Delevitation modelling of an active magnetic bearing supported rotor 

      Janse van Rensburg, Jan J.; Van Schoor, George; Van Vuuren, Pieter A. (s.nCurran Associates, 2010)
      For active magnetic bearings (AMBs) to be used with confidence in industrial applications, the safe failure of the AMB system should be guaranteed. The exact behaviour of the rotor on the backup bearings (BBs) is relatively ...
    • Multivariable H? or Centre of gravity PD control for an active magnetic bearing flywheel system 

      Steyn, Stephanus Jacobus Marais; Van Schoor, George; Van Vuuren, Pieter Andries (SAIEE Publications, 2011)
      A state-space model with uncertainties for an active magnetic bearing energy storage flywheel system (Fly-UPS) is developed. A multivariable robust H? controller for the Fly-UPS is then synthesised. Different weighting ...