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    • Burnout and engagement of teachers in the North West Province 

      Jackson, Leone Trodricht Basie (North-West University, 2004)
      Continuous exposure to things like high job demands, lack of job resources, change, competitiveness and rivalry, can result in stress and burnout. Stressful events may lead to ill health and might impact negatively on the ...
    • Work wellness at a higher education institution in South Africa 

      Coetzee, Susanna Elizabeth (North-West University, 2004)
      With the introduction of positive psychology the aim with organisational psychology shifted to finding the 'happy/productive' worker and focusing more on work wellness. Historically, working in a higher education institution ...
    • Work-related wellness of information technology professionals in South Africa 

      Westerman, Christelle (North-West University, 2005)
      The information technology industry is considered to be one of the most demanding industries, with significant social, physical and psychological consequences for the wellbeing of the information technology professional. ...