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    • An historical-exegetical examination of the communication of God as Creator in Acts 17:24 

      Creamer, Jennifer Marie (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2016)
      The Areopagus speech of Acts provides a helpful study of how Paul (as recorded by Luke) both engaged and confronted the contemporary culture of his day in order to present the message of Christianity to his hearers in ...
    • The meaning of “orderly” (kathexēs) account in Luke 1:3 

      Fung, Wing Wo Benjamin (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2017)
      Luke, in the preface of his gospel, says that he is going to write an “orderly” (καθεξῆς, Luke 1:3) account. However, scholars have no consensus on the writing order of Luke’s gospel. As what kind of order Luke uses may ...
    • The Spirit of generosity: a new economic dispensation in the wake of Pentecost? 

      Wessels, Johannes (Pieter De Waal Neethling Trust, 2017)
      The nature of the economic formation in the Early Church has been widely debated through the centuries. In his work, Das Kapital, Karl Marx quotes Acts 2:44-45, and even supplies these verses as his reason for hating God. ...